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Election 2022: Breaking down ballot propositions, from clean water to term limits

Remember to flip over your ballots.

In Riverhead Town, there are two propositions on the back of the ballot. The first proposition on the ballot — the Clean Water, Clean Air and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act — aims to authorize the creation of state debt and sale of state bonds up to $4.2 billion to fund capital projects to “preserve, enhance and restore New York’s natural resources and reduce the impact of climate change,” according to the state website.

At least $1.1 billion would be allocated to restoration and flood risk reduction, up to $650 million would be allocated to open space land conservation and recreation, up to $1.5 billion would be allocated to climate change mitigation and at least $650 million would go towards water quality improvement and resilient infrastructure.

The second proposition was put forward by Suffolk County, and would set 12-year total term limits for the offices of county executive, county legislator and county comptroller, whether served consecutively or not. The League of Women Voters noted in an explanation that the proposition is meant to be a clarification of an existing law; county voters already approved 12-year term limits for those offices.