Meet the Drivers: #49 Jack Handley Jr.

AMY SPERO PHOTO | 15-year-old Jack Handley Jr. alongside his No. 49 car.

Name: Jack Handley Jr.

Age: 15

Division: Blunderbust

Top 3 Sponsors: Relle Electric, United Labor Life, Kudricks Auto Body and Repair

Born into a racing family, Jack Handley Jr. of Medford started racing when he was only 5 years old. He may not be old enough for a driver’s license just yet, but he’s already been competing for 10 years behind the wheel. He’s now been racing at Riverhead Raceway for one year and he’s had a superb season so far in the blunderbust division. He’s currently in third place with 336 points.

He said his favorite racing memory was winning the championship in Go-Karts in 2009. He still enjoys racing Go-Karts with his brother, he said. His father Jack Handley has been the biggest supporter in his career and he said getting to spend time with his family is the best part of racing at Riverhead Raceway.

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