Police: Men drinking Budweiser took off running


Two men were arrested Sunday afternoon after getting caught drinking in public and then running from cops, Southampton Town police said.

Officers noticed Luis Canel, 27, of Riverhead and Nery Chacon, 26, of Riverside, each drinking from a 12-ounce can of Budweiser near 40 Pine Street in Riverside — which appears to be junk yard — about 4:45 p.m., authorities said.

When Mr. Canel saw an officer pull up, he dropped his beer can and started running.

Police yelled, “Police! Stop!” but Mr. Canel and Mr. Chacon continued to run from the officers.

Mr. Chacon was caught after a brief pursuit and Mr. Canel was nabbed behind Marta’s Deli, according to a police report. The two men were arrested and charged with resisting arrested and open alcoholic container violations.

They were taken to police headquarters and held for arraignment.