Cops: Bike rider sold drugs, tossed crack pipe into woods

Southampton Town Police said a Riverside man on a bicycle was caught selling drugs early yesterday morning, eventually getting caught and giving them a fake name to avoid being arrested.

Police said they saw a man make a drug transaction around 4 a.m. and while riding off on his bicycle, was seen throwing a bag of marijuana and a crack pipe into the woods before being stopped on Pine Street in Riverside.

Miguel Estrada, 24, allegedly gave police a fake name, hoping not to be arrested in the process. However police recognized that he had an outstanding warrant. He was arrested and charged with false personation, criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree, failure to pay a bench warrant — all misdemeanors — as well as being cited for unlawful possession of marijuana and traffic violations.

Mr. Estrada was transported to police headquarters and held for arraignment.