Cops: Man with license suspended 10 times arrested


A Riverhead man who previously had his license suspended 10 times was arrested on Sunday and charged with driving without a court-mandated ignition interlock device and without a license, according to Southampton Town Police.

Albert Zachary, 43, of East Main Street was pulled over for failing to stay in the traffic lane when a check of his record found that his license had been suspended and he did not have an ignition interlock device in his car as required by a prior court order, according to police.

Interlock devices require a driver to blow into the device first, to determine if there is alcohol on their breath before the car will start.

Mr. Zachary also was charged with two counts of second-degree aggravated unlicensed operation, including one count that was alcohol related. He was also charged for failing to stay in his lane, according to police.