Harry P. Sheppard

04/05/2011 5:10 PM |

Harry P. Sheppard, 78, passed away after a long illness on March 25, 2011, at Woodside Hospice in Pinellas Park, Fla., surrounded by loved ones. He had left many behind, most of all his loving wife of 56 years, Veronica (Ronnie).

Harry is survived by his four children: Theresa VanEtten (married to Raymond), Patrick, Maureen Turner (married to John) and Michael (married to Stacy). He is also survived by his grandchildren: Shannon and Erin VanEtten; Jason, Veronica and Katherine Sheppard; and Sarah, Parker and Jack Sheppard; and his great-grandchildren: Leyla VanEtten and Ashton, Caden and Donovan Sheppard.

Harry was a proud member of the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne, with which he served three years. Upon returning to New York, he met Ronnie, the love of his life, and started a family. For over 35 years, Harry worked for the New York Telephone Company (AT&T). For the last several years, Harry and his wife were “snowbirds,” sharing their time between Riverhead, N.Y., and St. Petersburg, Fla.

In retirement, Harry enjoyed spending time with his family and cruising with his wife and his close circle of friends in Florida.

Harry will always be remembered for his devotion to his wife and family, for his quick wit and for being a loyal friend to all who knew him.

The family received friends at a memorial service conducted at Woodside Hospice in Pinellas Park, Fla. Interment will be in May 2011 at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Cutchogue, N.Y. Funeral arrangements are in the care of Defriest-Grattan Funeral Homes.

Memorial donations may be made in his name to Woodside Hospice, 6770 102nd Ave., Pinellas Park, FL 33782.

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    well heres the dirty little secret , the boat will be tied and open for business and if 50 people get on
    to have apps. & drinks & some nice music, well do the math. why leave the dock, plus no $1 to the village cause after all the boatl is tied up. wow, thats beneficial to the restaraunts & bars especially to claudios

  • parking at the greenport school, that aint happening graham 300 plus people at 3am? no way
    i’ll fight this tooth& nail, shuttle them in your neighborhood.
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  • Is jan Claudio the right person to be addressing this? I understand her role in Greenport BID, but you must also take into account she is an owner of Claudious Restaurant. This boat might take business from that restaurant. But it would bring out far more people to Greenport. When someone asks me what is there to do fun in Greenport, my response isnt very long. This boat would be an immdiate destination spot. Jan having any authority in this issue is a total conflict of interest.

    the 3am issue can be resolved with a curfew. No reason the boat should be out that late. The boat would need to set sail no matter how many attendees. no food or drink can be served at the dock. I am sure the village and the SCHD would make sure of that.

    Funny thing is why hasnt a local like thought of this. It is a great idea for a maritime village. And the village could use the extra people in town in spring and fall.

  • of course shes the right person to address such a matter as this, she’s a tax payer and she has the right to voice her opinion on such an important matter. all businesses that are related with the food industry or marine industry that been there year after year, winter after winter should voice their opinion, anyway those folks are still not in possesion of any vessel,and if you put too many stipulations on these
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  • This boat idea is a joke. Riverhead proved that these “businessmen” don’t own or even have a lease on the boat. The boat isn’t even in the water. Why are we even wasting a minutes time on this?