06/22/17 6:00am

Luminati Aerospace will pay Riverhead Town $13,050 to hire surveyors to help draw its own subdivision map of the Enterprise Park at Calverton.

Riverhead Town has already paid consultants more than $500,000 for work since 2011, including devising a new 50-lot industrial subdivision at EPCAL, with the goal of being able to sell the smaller lots individually or in bulk.


07/02/15 5:59am
(Credit: Joseph Pinciaro)

(Credit: Joseph Pinciaro)

After the Supreme Court ruled last week that the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to same-sex marriage, the phrase “love wins” quickly hit the airwaves and social media as a testament to the fact that over everything else — even in the face of the nation’s highest court — love can prevail at the end of the day.

But for the family of one local couple who has been mired in a lawsuit with their former disability providers, the ruling came as a reminder that in the end, love has not won for them in the eyes of the law. At least not yet. (more…)