Alice T. McBride

Jan. 12, 1926 – March 26, 2014

Alice T. McBride died 10 years ago and it seems like it was only yesterday. She is loved and missed by all who had the opportunity to know her and I’m beyond sorry that it has taken so long to acknowledge the death of this beautiful woman.

Alice was born in England and lived through the most dangerous time of World War II. She lived through the relentless bombing of her country and during this bleak time met Daniel McBride, an American serviceman, who was like a beacon of light during this dark period in her life. She married Daniel in 1944 and in 1946 joined him in Riverhead, where she spent the next 68 years of her life.

Alice was a truly loving mother to her sons, Dennis, Bobby and Danny, and to Toni, the daughter she never had but loved as her own. She was so pleased that she could call Laurie and Karen her daughters-in-law.

Alice felt very blessed to be called grandma by Colleen, Christine, Paul, Geoffrey, Shannon and Marie and again blessed to be revered as Gigi (great-grandma) by Craig, Patrick, Rylie, Jacob, Jordan, Brandon, Lexi and Madi.

Alice made friends very easily and when she called you a friend she was always there to assist you with any problems or needs that might arise. It would be impossible to name all those she called friends over her long period of life in Riverhead. However, if you were one, please know you were special to her. She would especially wish us to say a special hi to Cathy, Mark and Jamie and Joanna.

Mom, we love you as much today as the day you left us. Continue to rest in peace and please watch over and guide us.

This is a paid notice.