10/11/14 3:00pm
10/11/2014 3:00 PM

A state audit of the Flanders Fire Districts finances found no discrepancies in the money paid out by the district, but warned that district procedures and records weren’t “adequate” to prevent errors or irregularities.

The district says they have already changed their policies to comply with all of the state’s suggestions.


10/10/14 6:00am
10/10/2014 6:00 AM

October is upon us, friends and neighbors. Time to put those flip-flops away. This time of year, although beautiful, always makes me very sad. Most of you know how I feel about the cold, wind and snow; I can’t stand it. I’ll admit, a good snowstorm that doesn’t cause a power outage is always nice around the holidays, but the many months of dealing with snow, ice and whipping wind — yuck!  (more…)

09/26/14 8:00am
09/26/2014 8:00 AM
The former Seven Z's health club on Reeves Bay in Flanders. (Credit: Andrew Lepre)

The former Seven Z’s health club on Reeves Bay in Flanders. (Credit: Andrew Lepre)

The former Peconic Health and Racquet Club on the waterfront in Flanders has been sitting vacant, boarded up and collecting weeds, since former owner Ron Zaleski closed the business nine years ago. But the building’s current owner says he plans to reopen the landmark Flanders Road building as a health club, although a slightly smaller one than before. That plan comes after other proposals for the site failed.  (more…)

09/24/14 9:53am
09/24/2014 9:53 AM


Two new morning bus routes have been established to mitigate bus overcrowding in Wading River and Flanders.

During the school board’s regular meeting Tuesday, Superintendent Nancy Carney and Sam Schneider, assistant superintendent for finance and operations, outlined what the district has done to address overcrowding concerns raised by two Wading River parents at the Sept. 9 school board meeting.  (more…)

09/23/14 7:50am
09/23/2014 7:50 AM

A 21-year-old Flanders man was charged with misdemeanor weapons and drug possession after he was pulled over in Riverside Sunday night, state police said.

Jaymie Petraszewski was stopped on Flanders Road about 9 p.m. for “moving from [his] lane unsafely,” according to a state police news release. State troopers found Mr. Petraszewski had two pills of diazepam, a prescription medication, as well as a “double-edged dagger,” a state trooper said.

He was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of marijuana, a violation, according to the police statement. He was released with a court date in Southampton Town next month, police said.

09/03/14 10:02pm
09/03/2014 10:02 PM
Brittany Rocco lights a candle at a memorial for Amy (Credit: Jen Nuzzo)

Brittany Rocco lights a candle at a memorial for Amy Bradstreet. (Credit: Jen Nuzzo)

To members of her Flanders community, Amy Bradstreet will be remembered as an angel.

When neighbor Meigan Rocco’s home burned down on Feb. 11, 2009, Ms. Bradstreet offered to temporarily move out of her house on Sylvan Avenue so Ms. Rocco and her family had a place to stay.

When Ms. Rocco learned Tuesday that Ms. Bradstreet, 44, had been killed this week, she organized a candlelight vigil Wednesday night in front of Ms. Bradstreet’s home. About 30 people gathered on the lawn, lit white candles, said prayers, shed tears and shared several fond memories they had of Ms. Bradstreet.

“Amy gave back to everybody,” Ms. Rocco said at Wednesday night’s vigil. “She would give you the shirt off her back.”