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Wayne Hallock of Hallock Cider Mill in Jamesport is still making his family's clam chowder recipe. (Credit: Paul Squire)

Wayne Hallock of Hallock Cider Mill in Jamesport is still making his family’s clam chowder recipe. (Credit: Paul Squire)

Some people pass down family heirlooms to their relatives, like an old watch, a piece of furniture or a lacy dress.

In Wayne Hallock’s family, they pass down a clam chowder recipe — one that dates back to before the founding of the United States and remains a crowd-pleaser at the family’s farm stand today.  (more…)

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It was 17-year-old Elvio Estrada’s last match of the night after four hours of strength training, intense cardio and jiu-jitsu wrestling at Vamos Mixed Martial Arts in Calverton. But as the teen squirmed on the sweat-slicked mat under his opponent last Thursday night, it was clear he was in trouble. READ

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Fred Ruvolo, the last cobbler left on the North Fork, uses the same hammer today that he had when he started in his profession at age 14.

It’s tradition, just like the antique machinery that clicks and clacks in his downtown Riverhead shop each day. The shelves in his cramped space are stuffed with odds and ends of all shapes and sizes: nails and toe protector plates and various bits of metal.  (more…)

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What makes a great photo? Ask 10 different journalists and you’ll get 10 different answers.

For me, I love to see a photograph that tells a story. Sometimes that conveys exactly what the written story is about. Or maybe it’s a picture revealing something that could never be captured in words.  READ